Earn While You Burn!

A New Era in Customer Engagement

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How It Works

Fitness Based Challenges

Leverage the popularity of fitness trackers integrated onto the KNOSIS platform to provide an innovative customer and marketing experience

Easy to Use Tools

Create, Manage, and Monitor geo-targeted fitness challenges and incentives using our proprietary interconnected back-end tools

Incentivize Your Customers!

Reward your customers with exclusive discounts and/or deals for completing custom fitness challenges that fit your marketing goals and iniatives

Innovation at Your Fingertips

Proprietary, easy-to-use customer facing mobile app and client facing desktop portal


KNOSIS is an innovative customer engagement and marketing platform that uses fitness challenges as a means to promote products and services by offering exclusive incentives such as discounts, deals, or free products.

We use location-based exergaming (exercising + gaming) that can be created using our proprietary easy-to-use platform and promoted within our native application on iOS or Android.

Whether you’re looking for a fully custom, licensed app or participate in an existing ecosystem, KNOSIS can flex to meet your unique fitness based marketing and promotion needs.

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Our tools can help your business engage with new and existing customers in a way that has not been done thus far using the concept of Location-Based Exergaming. By leveraging the popularity of fitness trackers (i.e. Apple Watch, Fitbit, etc.), your customers can turn their hard earned exercise into tangible rewards, giving them the ability to Earn While they Burn!

  • Your imagination is your limit! Get creative by setting distance and steps as KPIs and allow your customers to earn their discounts and deals on your products and/or services.

  • Users can track their fitness and physiology by using Artificially Intelligent body measurement technology that is insanely accurate, within a half inch margin of error!

  • Connect and communicate with new and existing customers while your organization promotes a health conscience agenda, reaching people you may not otherwise reach.

Our Clients

Market and Engage Differently!

AR Location Based ExerGaming Technology

If Pokemon Go™ and Groupon™ got married, we’d be the outcome with our innovative immersive marketing experience!

Reward, Rinse, and Repeat

Offer exclusive deals and discounts while promoting a health conscience agenda with a fully customizable customer experience.

Proprietary, Easy-to-Use Tools at Your Fingertips

Create, Manage, and Launch fitness challenges to meet your marketing and engagement needs with our innovative back-end platform.