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The KNOSIS Health app is revolutionizing the way we take care of ourselves. Through advanced data tracking technology, engaging games and challenges, and exclusive health insurance discounts, KNOSIS motivates members to live healthy lifestyles and earn user financial incentives (UFIs) while doing it.

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Learn how one app is changing fitness tracking.

Customized Avatars

See the physiological progression of your fitness as your avatar tracks your every move.

Financial Incentives

Meet fitness milestones and earn insurance premium discounts, travel rewards, and more.

Games and Challenges

Stay engaged by earning badges and competing with other users.

Connect with Fitness Trackers

Link with other fitness apps like FitBit, Wahoo, and Apple Health.

Live Healthy. Earn Incentives.

✓ Insurance Premium Discounts

✓ HSA Contributions

✓ Travel Rewards

✓ Products from Partner Businesses

KNOSIS is the only fitness app your bank account wants you to have. It works with both insurance companies and employers to earn you financial rewards and discounts, all while you meet health performance indicators.

Reduce Healthcare Costs

For Individuals

✓ Customized Avatars

✓ User Financial Incentives (UFIs)

✓ Interactive Challenges

For Employers

✓ Employee Retention

✓ Employee Engagement

✓ Productivity

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Where other health and fitness apps fail, KNOSIS excels. Through unique financial rewards and cost-savings on healthcare, KNOSIS drives users and businesses to live healthier and earn incentives.